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My brag file.  Now you know why I can hear so well.


Current Setup as of 2024-03-01


  • Apache Labs Andromeda used mainly for SSB and CW on HF
  • Anan 7000DLE MK2  used for 160 through 6 m together with Thetis
  • Kenwood TS-890S used for digital modes on HF and as contest radio
  • Icom 7610 used as a general RX and backup contest radio
  • Yaesu FTDX10 used on 6m for various digital modes
  • Icom 9700 2m, 70 cm and 23 cm SSB, CW, FM and Digital modes
  • Icom 705 mainly for 2m FM and for HF RDF
  • Kenwood D700 and D710 for VHF FM
  • Alinco DR-135 for Vara (winlink) on 2m and 70 cm
  • Anan 10 as a general HF receiver, usually for FT8
  • Anan piHPSDR controller for the Anan radios - mainly used for SSB
  • Various other VHF and UHF rigs used to monitor the local repeaters


  • 2 x 26 m doublet at 28 metres fed with 450 Ohm twin-lead used for 80, 40 and 20 metres
  • OCF dipole used for 40, 30, 15, 12 and 10 m
  • 1/4 Wave sloper for 160 m with ground radials
  • 3 element Yagi at 10 m for the 6 m band
  • 10 element dual polarization for the 2 m band at 11 m
  • 2 broadband "magnetic" loop RX-only antennas
  • Various VHF/UHF vertical antennas


  • Raspberry Pi 4B which runs my Hamclock and one for monitoring FT8 on an alternate HF band
  • Four Windows 10 computers mainly used to run software-defined radios and digital modes (mostly FT-8)


  • OpenHPSDR Thetis
  • WSJT-X (usually the latest release or release candidates)
  • RMS Express
  • Fldigi
  • N1MM for contests

Linear Amplifiers:

  • Elecraft KPA-1500
  • RF-Kit RF2K-S
  • SPE Expert1.5K-FA mainly used for 6 m
  • OM Power  OM 2000+ (backup HF)
  • W6PQL 1 KW 2m amplifier

Power Backup:

  • 220 Ah 12 Volt battery bank available to support emergency communications
  • 2 KW generator for longer power outages