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Quadra Island Emergency Program

Hams and the Quadra Island Emergency Program


The Quadra Island Emergency Program (QIEP) is an organization formed to support the community in case of emergencies.  Temporary shelter and supplies can be provided to people in need in an emergency, such as wild fires and earthquakes.  The program currently has about 100 members that are trained in various functions. The management group meets monthly to plan and coordinate activities and we conduct exercises several times a year.

The QIEP Ham logoThe QIEP Ham logo

The Role of Hams

The hams that are members of the QIEP meet every Wednesday at 20:00 hrs local time on the Mt. Menzies repeater (146.96 - /100 Hz).  In addition, a net is started shortly after a major event, such as a major power outage, a large wild fire or an earthquake.  A net may also be started the noon following such a major event.  We have over 30 hams in the group.

The main role of QIEP hams is to provide reporting of the state of their local neighbourhoods to the local emergency coordinator and a few hams will also be provide communications between the local emergency coordinator and British Columbia Emergency Management & Climate Readiness (BCEMCR) representatives in case regular means of communication is not available.